QCM Characteristics

Concerning the goldplated series SQOM-G (sample)

Diameter of the aperture (hole) is typically larger than the diameter of the top electrode. For 6.3 mm electrodes a 7.0 mm aperture is standard

General description

Stabilix b.v. manufactures special microbalances known as QCM's. These devices are used in vacuum applications to monitor contamination and mass deposition.

Most commonly we provide the QCM's in a DIL-14 housing. The quartz crystal inside is driven by a High speed CMOS oscillator circuit


3.55 g.


The device is protected against dust and other contaminants by a circular piece of paper tape.


The goldplated QCM's can be identified by the yellow paper protection tape over the aperture.


The marking on top of the QCM contains the letter combination: SQOM and G denotes the gold plating


Specific for the SQOM14-150-70G63 to SQOM14-160-70G63

Frequency range

15 to 16 MHz

Frequency stability


Including frequency changes due to adjustment tolerance (at 25 C), aging, shock and vibration as well as changes in temperature, input voltage and load.

Operating temperature

0 to 70 C

Storage temperature

-55 to 125 C

Input voltage

(+5 +0.5 -1.7) Volts DC

Input current

60 mA max.

Output (0-70 C)


(50 10)% at 50%Vcc level

Rise and fall times

10-90% Vcc

6 ns. max

Logic 0 (low level)

0.4 V max

Logic 1 (high level)

+2.4 V min.

Enable/Disable Delay

100 ns Max.


Circular hole of 7.0 mm (diameter)

(Other sizes on demand)


Circular with 6.3 mm diameter (top/bottom)

(Other sizes possible on demand)

Electrode material

Thermally deposited Gold

Quartz crystal resonator


8.0 mm Min.

9.0 mm typical

9.3 mm max

Surface finish: Mesh #1000

Thickness/frequency constant: k=1690 +/- 1% mm kHz

Thickness of resonator = (106 +/- 1) micro meters

On demand we can polish the quartz crystal resonator. However surface scratches more easily.


SQOM14-xxx-70G63 <item#>

with xxx 150 to 160 depending on frequency

Crystal cut

AT-cut zz' angle 35 23'


Specific for SQOM14-160-70G63 xx

(xx denotes the sequential number that in combination with the preceeding serial number uniquely identifies an item)

Not applicable until specific order.